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Stretching vs. Gallery Wrap

Art on canvas usually gets stretched before framing. Stretching involves pulling the canvas taut around a frame and stapling. Gallery wrap is used when the art has extra canvass and can be hung without a frame.

Floater Frame

Most frames have a lip, which covers about 1/8" of the art to secure it in place. A floater frame creates a small space between the art and the frame so the art appears to be "floating" in the frame. Contemporary art is a good candidate for floater frames. Floater frames cannot be used in art requiring glass.

Texturizing Prints

Glass is prone to glare so we can coat the print for texture and protection. Brush strokes can make the subject look like a painting.


Plexiglass will not break during shipping or falling. It is also lighter than glass. Handling large glass over 40" x 60" can be dangerous. Plexiglass is also available with non-glare and additional UV filtering options. Standard plexiglass filters 50% to 60% of UV rays. Unlike regular glass, plexiglass is susceptible to scratches

Conservation Clear Glass

Conservation glass is similar to regular glass but filters out an excellent 99% of UV rays.

Non-glare Conservation Glass

Conservation Clear Glass that is both non-glare and UV filtering.

Museum Glass

Museum glass is even clearer than regular glass, filters out 99% of UV rays and eliminates much of the reflection. Priceless!

Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are used for three dimensional art or objects. The box frame creates a space between the glass and the backing. Examples of three dimensional objects:

  • Jerseys
  • Balls
  • Collectibles
  • Multi dimensional paper
  • Layered art
  • Awards
  • Figurines

Regular Glass

Regular glass protects art from dirt, dust, fading and abuse. It also filters out 45% of UV rays.

Non-glare Glass

The etching on this glass minimizes the glare. Non-glare glass is suitable in situations where the glass will be close to the art like shadow box framing. Non-glare glass loses clarity as the distance from the art increases.

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